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Adlas Publishing and Distribution specialized in the field of educational development and educational solutions, in addition to publishing and distribution services. It provides various educational services to universities, schools, institutes, centers and specialized educational institutions. ADLAS established in 2010 AD in Riyadh.

Our vision

To be the leading in providing educational services, publishing and distributing the printed and electronic educational book, and a building block in the field of educational solutions for schools and universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf

Our Mission

ADLAS seeks to provide the highest quality in educational services and innovative solutions to public and higher education institutions and technical training institutions to develop and publish printed and digital educational content according to national and international standards


Printed books


Electronic books


Placement tests

Our Services

ADLAS publishing and distribution company provides a variety of services that keep pace with technical progress and 2030 vision

Here we review some of ADLAS services for publishing and distribution company to contribute to the publication of educational books and various educational solutions services for the government and private sector in public and higher education.

ADLAS publishing and distribution company, with its long experience and study of the book market and modern educational series from global publishing houses, which school and university leaders seek to choose the most recent ones and approve them according to new standards and specific specifications within the academic accreditation programs, to prepare the future generation with the best products, and to provide added value to the educational field, and from these services provide and secure the following products for the educational market

Printed books


ADLAS seeks to provide, publish and distribute the original printed educational books with the latest editions, approved by educational accreditation bodies, display them through its various electronic stores, and deliver and ship them to the beneficiaries of universities, schools, and institutes in the best and fastest way.


Training Bags


ADLAS designs and produces and prints training bags for educational and training bodies according to the latest designs, conditions and specifications that achieve the qualitative training standards for the service of the trainee and the trainer.


Educational books and electronic content

ADLAS distributes and secures electronic books and digital content from global publishing houses with accompanying electronic learning tools, and they are displayed through Adlas electronic stores to reach learners within hours of a request, with training on methods of using them and activating them on learning platforms in educational institutions or on Global publishing house platforms directly.


Online training content

ADLAS designs, prepares and secures electronic bags for training institutes according to the latest standards for training content, including interactive activities and exercises. To include all programs in all disciplines and for all ages and levels, from intensive training programs to access to professional working life.


Providing platforms, databases

and scientific journals

ADLAS publishes scientific databases in both Arabic and English and provides them to central libraries and learning resources in schools and digital libraries in higher education and scientific bodies, research centers, medical and technical institutions.

ADLAS Educational Company, with its international partners, seeks to provide integrated educational solutions to provide interactive educational content, including a learning management system, modern and multiple technical tools and equipment, and to secure learning and training platforms with amazing interactive content. It also provides integrated virtual laboratories to revive the classrooms to make Learners learn about their world by experiencing it.

Production interactive digital courses and portfolios


ADLAS seeks to develop and innovate educational solutions to produce interactive digital educational courses and electronic training bags according to the technical specifications approved in e-learning and training.


Developing distance learning and education platforms


ADLAS provides educational institutions, schools and training centers with learning and training platforms with specific specifications that meet the requirements of training and distance education.


Providing language learning platforms


ADLAS provides language learning platforms in cooperation with international expertise houses and global publishers, which include many technical tools that support the teacher and the learner. It also conducts electronic training for male and female teachers to prepare them to teach English efficiently and effectively and to obtain accredited international certificates.


Providing tools and equipment for learning rooms


ADLAS seeks to equip educational institutions and schools with modern learning halls, including smart boards, virtual science and computer laboratories, 3D printers and other equipment according to international specifications and standards.


Educational and technical consulting

ADLAS, with its specialized team of studies and services, provides educational and technical advice to educational bodies in the government and private sectors in cooperation with our national and international partners in the field of developing digital libraries and establishing university publishing houses in universities, technical colleges, and scientific, medical and applied cities. It also provides study plans and integrated programs for institutes, training centers, and qualitative enrichment programs for private and international schools. It also works on developing programs for academic accreditation from national and international accreditation bodies.





A general store for Selling original printed university and school books, stationery, educational technology supplies, and various programs and courses that keep pace with the 2030 vision

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Adlas Kids Store

A Special store for children to provide educational, skill-integrated books, entertainment programs, stories, and applied games

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ADLAS Books Store

A Special store for educational products and university books, the first source for university students to buy language learning books and placement tests in public and private Saudi universities

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ADLAS Electronics Store

A Special store for Selling products and electronic books to Saudi Electronic University students, and providing electronic support services and placement tests

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Our Partners

Having partners, advisors and experts is a key pillar of success

Therefore, Adlas seeks to establish partnerships with several institutions, universities, and training centers

It also works on seeking the assistance of several qualified consultants and outstanding experts to be the best assistants - after God, in providing services in a decent manner

Our News


ADLAS and the Japanese company STANDAGE signed a cooperation contract in 2021. to provide laboratory equipment and original robots for schools and educational institutions to add these services to the rest of the current services. To rapid development in artificial intelligence and programming language and prepare students for local and global competitions with quality tools and modern technologies.

Visit us on Adlasstore.com to see the best educational products and equipment for Fab Labs and technology rooms for schools looking for a competitive advantage and keeping pace with recent developments

برامج تبسيط العلوم

The educational team provided online training programs on the Easytonline.com platform. That provides international courses in Arabic in various fields in technical sciences, programming education, media, accounting, and others, all provided by ADLAS to enable the trainee from the basics to professionalism

Visit us on Adlasstore.com to see the best products and training programs to save time and effort and special prices for those looking for skills development and flexible training

متاجرنا بثوب جديد

With the new year 2022 , the IT team has updated all Adlas stores to comply with the company's vision in providing new services and quality products and making modern designs for all its stores to meet all the desires and needs of customers looking for quality. ADLAS added many series of printed and electronic books and was selected Carefully, many products and programs that the market needs today, with technical support services and continuous training, so that Adlas Company continues its future strategies with confidence and pride

Visit our stores to see the difference at the beginning of the new year 2022

Adlas Kid's Store

Within ADLAS’s plan to expand electronic sales to keep pace with future market plans, work to establish and launch a special store for children, to provide quality services for the early childhood category, and to buy what they want in terms of books, stories, educational programs, educational applications, life skills, etc., and the store will be launched, God willing In the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 corresponding to the end of April 2021 AD.

Artificial Intelligence Training Bags

The scientific team of ADLAS is currently working on building training bags for general education students in the field of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in cooperation with specialized international companies and national cadres, and this comes within the company's plan to provide educational content that is in line with the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

New chains in language teaching

The Business Development Center of ADLAS publishing and distribution company is adding new products that are compatible in the field of language teaching, as it will be added to the products of the year 2021 series of learning the Chinese language and the German language in cooperation with specialized international publishing houses.

The Young Coders competition for the year 2020

Within the activities of ADLAS, an announcement and honoring ceremony for those qualified in the Young Programmers Competition, which was organized by Hello World Kids, which was the competition qualifiers at the country level by the end of December 2020, and this will be announced soon in coordination with the concerned and supporting authorities to attend and sponsor this celebration through the Zoom system Be waiting for us to set the date soon.

Our Achievements

Providing English language books for the Ministry of Education


Providing English language books to universities and language institutes


Converting university preparatory courses into interactive digital courses


The Basic Skills and Life Skills Portfolio Project


Cooperative Training Project


Our Certificates

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